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An Allworx Phone System for Any Business

Amtel IP Phone Systems is the largest dealer of the Allworx phone system in Houston Texas. Our team of experts provides competitive prices, exceptional customer service and on-site demonstrations to ensure the best product for your business. Our team if full certified to sell, deliver, install, set-up and program your voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telecommunications system.

No matter what your industry, there is an Allworx that is right for your business. The largest and most powerful is the 48x series. Also popular are the 6x for companies with up to 60 users, or the 6×12 for small businesses, featuring up to 12 users.

Standard Features

Each system comes standard with programmable keys, a full backlit display, ethernet connectivity and more. In order to maximize the efficiency of your telecommunications system, whether localized or in multiple locations, the various models feature 8, 20, or 44 port types with combo switches. Options include call routes, call lists, line appearances, multiple message indicators, service observation, network profile, headset, voicemail and call assistant.

Mobile Integration

Best of all, the Allworx phone system integrates seamlessly with your employees’ iOS or Android devices, creating the possibility of a business phone in their pocket, wherever they go. When combined with console devices, such as digital display and touch screen manipulation, this IP system simplifies office communication in a highly focused way.

Whether you’re routing your calls through a first-to-last priority queue, an even round-robin distribution, a longest idle call distribution, or a ring-all phones at the same time, we have a tech solution for you. Team members simply login to the system with an touch ID that registers their presence in the system.

Free Onsite Demonstration

Contact Amtel IP Phone Systems today for information about a free onsite phone demonstration, featuring the unparalleled Allworx phone system.

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