ESI Phone System

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The ESI phone system, made by ESI Estech Systems, offers a variety of highly personalized telecommunications features, utilizing SIP (session initiation protocol) technology. The includes voice and video calls utilizing internet telephony, as well as instant messaging using IP networks.

ESI’s IP phone systems allow your business to stay connected with customers and employees wherever they may be around the world. For over twenty-seven years, ESI has been innovating new ways for businesses to stay connected, emphasizing the desktop phone as the center of your business telecommunications system.

ESI Phone System Features

  1. Purposely Designed

  2. One Touch Features

  3. Intuitive To Use

  4. Simple Support

  5. Lifetime Warranty

Additionally, ESI Estech Phone Systems are also built for ESI Cloud PBX solutions, integrated with ESI Intelitouch, providing a real-time communication solution that reaches all ends of your network simultaneously.

ESI’s high performance phone systems include built in automated attendants, programmable call forwarding, automatic call distribution, blue tooth connectivity, phone line support and even automatic door lock controls, with visual call display and voicemail set as standard.

ESI Mobility – ESI Ditto

ESI’s business phone systems feature an array of mobility applications that allow easy access to employees with reducing their productivity. The ESI Ditto application is perfect for employees whose job does not allow them to remain at an office desk to perform their work. ESI mobile applications allow employees in the field to turn their smart phones into office phones. This allows you the ability to transfer and redirect their calls, as if they were in the room right next door.

The ESI Ditto application ensures productivity, security, performance and privacy.

ESI Ditto Features

  1. Intelligent Integration

  2. Call Recording

  3. Call Management

  4. Aggreggated Contact

  5. Mobile Device Support

  6. Single Number Reach

  7. Voicemail Notification

If you are a small to medium size business with unique communication needs, let us demo a ESI phone system for your business.