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The Uses Of A VoIP Business Phone System

Choosing a phone system for a company is becoming more and more open in recent years, now that VoIP business phone packages have introduced another big choice into the market. These internet-based systems come with numerous advantages and a few disadvantages, and choosing between traditional phone lines or broadband calling comes down to both the size of the company and what exactly its needs are. Traditional phone lines utilize copper wires that are pre-installed in nearly every building. Broadband communication Read More

What Is PBX or Private Branch Exchange?

What is PBX? It stands for private branch exchange, and is a phone system that many companies are using today, regardless of size. It is one of the most cost efficient ways that a company can run multiple phone lines without having to have independent lines for each handset. When it comes to how outgoing calls and extension-to-extension calls, what is the job of PBX? Well, both calls are handled the same way at first. The caller picks up the Read More

Discover Why A Speakerphone Enhances Productivity

A high quality speakerphone enhances the productivity of a business, and there are numerous options to consider. It is important to have crystal clear communication, and a superior system is an effective tool for a company. Both full-duplex and half-duplex units are available on the market. Half-duplex units are good for communication between two parties, though only one person can speak at a time. Full-duplex units allow for full room conversation, as all the sounds in the area are picked Read More

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol Handles IP Devices

SIP is short for Session Initiation Protocol, and refers to the application layer that handles communication between IP devices, be they VoIP handsets, cell phones are computers. It mimics much of the same functions that traditional phone lines and switches perform, but does it better in just about every way. Simply put, this protocol connects and manages two or more devices communicating with each other. It is a middleman and only facilitates and maintains a session. To accomplish this, it Read More

Nortel Pbx Are Contenders of The Telephone Industry

Nortel pbx is a name that is synonymous with the telephone industry. The company began over 100 years ago, and has evolved from a switchboard operator setting to a computer run system.  Today, the private branch exchange is capable of making all internal calls with just a press of a button. No external dialing to an outside line is needed. There are many different systems within this brand, and these can range from a single business phone to a complex Read More

Consider An Office Paging System For Your Messaging Solution

Messaging solutions like an office paging system can make a giant difference in the workplace, and they come in a few different forms in order to suit the specific needs of different businesses. One type provides each employee with a pager. There are a variety of pagers designed to simply notify someone when they are needed with vibration and lights, or more sophisticated versions with LED screens for detailed messages. This negates the problem of noise and offers more privacy Read More

Steps To Set Up A Network Cable Installation

Setting up a new network cable installation is a job performed best by a professional team. The system and construction needs of this job vary by business and building layout, and one miscalculation by a do-it-yourselfer could lead to an entire system crash. However, if handled by the proper professionals, a network can be created to take any business to the next level. Building onto an existing system or beginning a brand new network cable installation both require new equipment Read More

Fiber Optic Cable Installation Is Best Left To Professionals

Though it’s been around for longer than most people think, fiber optic cable networks represent a big upgrade over traditional copper wiring. They can be tricky to deal with, however, so whenever a major project calls for it, a professional should be on the job to sidestep any potential issues. These cords are made of three parts: the core, the cladding and the protective coating. The cores are made up of extremely thin pieces of glass. These small tubes are Read More

Why A Computer Phone System Trumps IP Communications

Communications networks are one of the most important tools a business has to deal with on a day to day basis, and a computer phone system can make this task easier than ever before. An IP based setup isn’t ideal for all companies, but its ease of use and wide range of features means that even small shops and operations can stand to benefit from them. Internet communication devices come in one of two categories: They are either based around Read More

Benefits of A Business Phone System

A business phone system is one of the first imperative steps a company will make in order to get the ball rolling in a productivity sense. There are several reputable products and services available to both the small and large companies. This allows for the customer to merely base their decision on their own needs, as the products themselves are across the board on functionality and features. Analog, digital and VoIP solutions are available in many different forms and technologies, Read More