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What is the cost of Hosted Phone System vs. On-premise PBX?

Hosted PBXs typically included the cost of your dial tone (Ma-Bell). In comparison an on-premise PBX requires charges separately for their dial tone services. So when calculating the true cost of hosted vs. on-premise phone systems please include the cost of your dial tone service so you will know your true monthly price. The initial set up of a hosted phone system is sometimes less costly and may not be as labor intensive as an on-premise PBX, but the contract Read More

Amtel IPS is the Business Phone Systems in Houston Specialist

Business Phone Systems in Houston Succeeding in business requires good communication skills. A person who cannot articulate themselves clearly cannot expect to do well. Clients, employers and colleagues all need to understand what they hear to be able to act upon requests. The same is true for a company, just on a larger scale. Without a reliable, efficient and comprehensive communications network, an organization cannot function. Fortunately, in this day and age, IPS phone systems make it easy for businesses Read More

How Houston VOIP Phones Increase Your Bottom Line

Houston VOIP Phones If you’re in business in Houston, VOIP phones can help you get away from dedicated PBX and multiline systems. VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” or the ability to carry voice over data lines by converting it from an analog signal to a digital one. Once the signal is digital, it can be transmitted over computer networks like any other data, which means it can be done at high-speed and relatively low cost — low cost Read More