5 Signs You Need a Business Phone System Upgrade

Business Phone System Upgrade

Upgrading Your Business Phone System

To maintain the high level of efficiency you want your company to be known for, you have to stay on top of the ever evolving technological landscape. This includes realizing when it’s time for a business phone system upgrade.

The following are the top red flags that tell a company it’s high time to install a new and improved office phone system.

Lack of Mobility

Office phone systems need to support businesses that have their staff members consistently on the go. Your team may be working from home or out on sales calls, but they still need to be easily reached. An efficient business phone system will effortlessly redirect calls to a mobile phone, a home landline, or an IP-based phone. Your office phone system should have support for VoIP with the ability to transfer voice calls through the branches of your established IP network. Furthermore, the modern office needs a phone system that will still work in the case of severe weather or power failure. If your current system fails during a power outage, there should be a way to reroute the system in order to still receive customer calls until the issue is resolved.

Scalability Features

Any business phone system needs to allow room for growth. Although your business may start out small, your goal is likely to see the company grow exponentially. Will your current office phone system be able to accommodate an increase in incoming and outgoing phone calls? The system should not experience major network congestion during periods of boosted phone traffic. Also, there should also be room in the network to add more users and phone line extensions as needed.

Satellite Office Support

Modern phone systems for businesses need the capability to handle multiple office locations. This feature is important whether you already have an established secondary location or in case you plan to open one in the future. The installation and maintenance of phone lines in multiple offices should not be costly or take a lot of time to set up. Cloud-based phone systems can often help resolve this issue since all lines are organized under a single IP provider.

Lack of Features

Was your office phone system installed ages ago? This is another great test to see if you need a business phone system upgrade. If you have made any upgrades to your IT systems, your old phone system may no longer operate properly.

New enterprise phone systems can now be integrated with customer relationship management software. Once synced, representatives have instant access to a client’s contact information and sales history.

Another potential upgrade to consider is video conferencing. Many professionals like the ability to communicate with clients and colleagues face to face. A business phone system with built-in video conferencing can enhance the relationships among your team members. A message conversion feature is also an ideal addition since this allows you to easily convert voicemail messages to email communications.

Poor Quality

Phone calls are often the first impression for perspective clients. If your phone system has faulty service then you’re not projecting a professional image. It’s likely time for a business phone system upgrade if you notice incidences of poor sound quality or call disruptions. A phone system that uses CAT5, CAT6, or other advanced network cabling will make a significant difference in system quality.

Choose Amtel for Your Business Phone System Upgrade

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