Allworx Is A Leading Phone Systems Company

In 1998, Allworx invented a phone system that allowed a business to connect their computers and phones and share files between them. Their systems can save a business valuable money on their electric and internet fees while keeping the communication line up and running. Each of the available systems has different types of features and additions depending on the company’s requirements. The set ups are also upgradeable, allowing for growth withinin the company.

This firm has several different types of phone systems, supporting each analog and VoIP combination possible. The networks are designed to connect phones and computers, sending the information traveling through a main cable that connects the two. The customer can choose between several options in their system limitations. There are those that will support up to 250 members on the one site, while some support 60 users per site. This ranges depending on the company size, building construction and phone traffic. The goal of these phone systems is to offer support for a company’s growth and needs concerning the internet and telephone services they require to function.

Each installer of this equipment is required to pass exams and tests to qualify for network technician jobs. The certifications are based on their skill and ability to handle separate tasks. The tests are chosen by the ACMA, who are the people that regulate rules for companies like Allworx. They require the licensing and knowledge that the technicians learn before installing any systems.

When a business is planning on installing a phone system, one would usually start with bigger named businesses. They usually have more experience on installations, as well as being able to offer more services with their product lines.