Avaya Phone System

Avaya IP Office &
Unified Communications

The Avaya Phone System is renowned for its ability to bring team members and communications together from wherever they are. They are best know for the Avaya  IP Office and Unified Communications systems.

These superior telecommunications systems provide the kind of ease and flexibility that allow your business to adapt to the rapidly changing markets of today. With no more than an internet connection and a laptop computer, Avaya gives your employees full control of all their usual in-office communications.

The standard features include:

  1. Call Conferencing
  2. Call Transfer
  3. Full Staff, Visual Call Status Display

Best of all, Avaya provides full featured, real-time business communications for telecommuting, traveling and home-based workers, as if they were sitting in just the next room. Avaya IP Office allows you to expand your business to wherever in the world the best talent for your business is waiting.

Their products are created to use a single network and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of communication via messaging, video and voice. Whether customers or clients, your telecommuting employees are seamlessly connected through state-of-the-art unified communications.

Avaya Phone System

The Avaya Phone System allows you to:

  • Communicate via phone, mobile device, call center or conference with any person regardless of global location.
  • Have peace of mind understanding that the software is easily configurable and extremely reliable.
  • Reduce the cost of ownership by simplifying the learning process for employees and staff.

Avaya business phone systems come feature packed out of the box and have hundreds of available features that can be added. Expand your business quickly and cost effectively with a comprehensive, digital office solution.

Schedule an appointment today to discover if the Avaya phone system is the key to unlocking your business’ profit and potential.

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