Avaya Phones Bring Employees Closer

Avaya Phones are one of the ways some businesses have made working collaboratively easier for their employees who aren’t necessarily able to get together regularly.  As businesses do more and more collaboration and branch out to different areas, it has become important for businesses to find ways to encourage this, even when workers are not near each other.  The company Avaya Communications is responsible for the production line. They have connections to the company, Western Electric, now known as AT&T.

There are many features that make Avaya phones very desirable to businesses.  The ability to conference call multiple people, check voice mails easily and precisely, and just being connected to other people efficiently and clearly make them one of the more desirable tools for an office.  These devices have internet or LAN connections that allow them to speak with other members of the office for free, encouraging workers to connect as often as needed.

These business phone systems are often rated as highly effective telephone systems for small business by users.  The interface operates like a computer more than a simple calling device, allowing one to change screens and have different options available depending on location.  Options for conference calls, voice mails, recording conversations, and more, are all available and have clear, user friendly navigation tools to access them.

Headsets are available that allow users to step away and be mobile. This feature is ideal for business presentations, meetings, or someone who needs to be on the go.  Many devices have the ability to pick up conversations that are further away than an average phone would be able to, with much greater clarity and less distortion.

Avaya phones are available through their website but can also be purchased from a number of online stores, either new or used.  The setup can be done without support, but through the Avaya website, setup is available for any area, as well as support and technical assistance.