Benefits Of Avaya Telephone Systems

Nearly all businesses are familiar with Avaya telephone systems.  They have been associated with names like AT&T and Lucent in their history.  Now they are independently owned by TPG Capital and thriving in the communications industry.  They were among the first to offer IP units.  IP units are internet driven phones that use the efficiency and cost effective nature of routing calls over the web.  With this type of platform, it is possible to also set up call centers as well as voicemail with the same IP technology.

Globally recognized as one of the biggest names in communications, Avaya telephone systems can assist any business with any type of in house project, no matter how small or large.  They offer many desktop models that are multi-line units.  They also offer handsets that can be taken from one computer to another as they work through the Ethernet connection.  Even though they are being used in another office or area, the same number is still going to be the one used to contact that particular handset.  This sets up a more fluid and flexible atmosphere within the workplace.

There are also units available that are cell phones.  These can all be connected to the same platform that the office units work on so that there is continuity of the entire communications branch of the business.

Retailers of this type of equipment will install all necessary infrastructure componentry such as the necessary cabling needed to connect the lines directly to the internet.  Wall jacks become unnecessary and individual phone cords a thing of the past.