Benefits of an In-Office Paging System in Houston

amtel office paging system in houston

amtel office paging system in houston

Paging System in Houston

A paging system in Houston within an office or retail space is a valuable asset when immediate communication is required. A phone intercom system doesn’t only page other personnel within a business, but can also be used as a marketing and entertainment tool geared toward your customer base.

Business Models Benefiting from a Phone Intercom System

Paging systems have no “dead” spots or spotty coverage like mobile phones. They offer a 100 percent guarantee that communication is instantaneous. This is essential in any type of medical office where the staff must get in touch with health professionals as quick as possible. A life or death situation may arise when an overhead page helps inform a physician where he needs to be that very second. Hospitals and medical spaces often rely on coded messages when using phone intercom systems to alert other staff members of what is required by them.

Besides the medical industry, paging systems are ideal for businesses that require regular internal communication without wanting to rely on constant in-office phone calls. For instance, in large office spaces, they can be used to page others as a way to direct them to another area of the building. Companies that have a warehouse on the premises can utilize a paging system to inform workers of orders or parts that need to be found within the warehouse. A business with a mail room may also benefit from an intercom system.

Retail stores have several uses for intercom systems. For one, they can be used to play background music to entertain shoppers while they search the shelves for merchandise. Secondly, the intercom system can be used to advertise any new products and services to customers shopping in the store. Special sales events can be mentioned to increase revenue.

Phone Intercom System Requirements

Many paging systems can be integrated as part of a business phone system. As part of the intercom system, the appropriate type of speakers needs to be installed. In-ceiling speakers are typically adequate for offices where noise is kept at a minimal. Horns and amplifiers will usually be recommended in louder environments or when broadcasts need to cover a larger area. Horns are also ideal if paging needs to be done in outdoor areas where weatherproofing is an issue. This could include a parking lot or a sports arena. Modern paging systems are highly efficient and each speaker may only require less than 10 watts of power. A 15-watt amplifier can usually handle as many as three speakers as long as it isn’t placed a significant distance away from the speakers.

Tips on a Paging System in Houston

One of the most important uses of phone intercom products is increased security. Instead of the business having an open door policy, owners can set up an intercom system as a way to screen who comes in and out of their building. This practice reduces the risk of an unknown individual posing a threat to the business or personnel.

Additionally, paging systems can act as a way to alert employees and customers in case of an emergency. Evacuation and emergency instructions can be broadcast instantly and in turn, reduce the company’s liability.

Do you need guidance in installing a paging system in Houston? Then, allow the experts at Amtel help you make a smart buying decision regarding a new phone intercom system. We sell and install systems from top manufacturers such as Valcom, Speco, and Bogen. Most importantly, we offer technical support and repair assistance once the paging system is installed. Give us a call today at 713-977-1000 or fill out our short form to learn more about our business phone and intercom services.

Benefits of an In-Office Paging System in Houston | Amtel IP Phone Systems, Houston, TX