The 4 Best Small Business Phone Systems

small business phone systems amtel ip

small business phone systems amtel ip

The Best in Small Business Phones Systems

Small business phone systems are at the core of almost every good business. Their ability to have open lines of communication with customers make all the difference in how well business-to-business and client interactions go over. The following are the four best small business phone systems you can currently find on the market, and the features that make them a cut above the rest.

Allworx Phone System

Allworx is a leading provider of both analog and VOIP small business phone systems. Business owners appreciate the simplicity and reliability of the system. There is no steep learning curve as members of any team can easily start using the phone to manage call volume. The most popular feature of the phone systems from Allworx is support for mobile integration. Team members can easily receive messages and calls via their own iOS and Android devices.

Another aspect that makes Allworx a good choice for small business owners is you can customize the system to work best for you. Get support for as many as 12 to 60 users. Key features also include managing multiple lines, 12 programmable function keys, large backlit display screens, and headset ports.

Avaya Phone System

Avaya has been a trusted provider of small business phone systems for more than two decades. The company specializes in providing top of the line IP phones with the latest coveted features. The phone systems are customizable with digital backlit display screens and function keys that can be set to your preferences. There are also fixed function keys available that include transfer, hold, mute, drop, conference, and speakerphone. Avaya also not only supports voice calls, but also has support for text and video messaging. Extra Ethernet ports are available on desktop phones along with headset jacks and overhead paging keys.

Toshiba Phone System

Toshiba’s small business phone system division are innovators in the field. Their IP phones can be configured with the majority of mobile, desktop, and laptop devices. Users can either decide between an exclusively IP system or a combination of IP and digital features. For most companies, a base configuration of 8 to 24 IP channels is used for setup. Mobility is the driving force behind Toshiba’s phone systems and it’s the reason wireless and cordless lines are easily compatible with their desktop counterparts. Key standout features include an auto attendant, video conferencing, digital voicemail, and automatic call distribution. Calls can be managed on a single dedicated network or be based in the cloud. Businesses can start out with as few as eight lines and expand to as many as 1,000 users. Their support of digital and analog phones also allows for you to extend the life of your current equipment pieces.

ESI Phone System

ESI Estech small business phone systems are well known for increasing productivity in the workplace. With easy collaboration with computers and mobile phones, you can seamlessly access your messages from anywhere. Outgoing messages can be fully customized and you can choose different tracks for hold music. With call re-routing, you can send calls to your mobile or have the call transfer to another open line on the network. Bluetooth connectivity and caller ID support is also built-in to the phone system.

The Best Small Business Phone Systems for You

Amtel IP Phone Services has a superior track record when it comes to small business phone systems. We are available by phone at (713) 977-1000 or online to answer any of your questions about your specific needs. Contact us today to discover the best IP phone solution for your business, including Allworx, Avaya, Toshiba, ESI, and still servicing Nortel.

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