Having Data Cabling in Houston Installed

Network Data Cabling Houston

Your Houston Office Cabling If your Houston office is currently under construction or renovation, then installing data cabling in Houston will be a top priority. Today, computers transmit an incomprehensible amount of information each day. When done correctly, this communication can go from the office, across the world, and back again, almost in the blinking of an eye. Data cabling is the core of any communications network’s infrastructure. It provides the ability to communicate and easy access to any information Read More

Why You Should Contact a Network Cabling Service

amtel network cabling service

Trust an Expert A network cabling service expert is a pivotal team member for many businesses, large and small. All companies can benefit when hiring a pro for important installations. So, what exactly do you need an expert for, and how can your company find the best in the area? Connections Optical fiber, twisted pair and coaxial are all types of network cabling commonly used when connecting two or more computers together. Connecting individual devices together with a router or hub is par Read More

Be More Efficient with UCedge Toshiba Phone System in Houston

ucedge toshiba phone system in houston tx

Make Your Office Life More Convenient A Toshiba phone system in Houston that seriously enhances communication is the UCedge. UC stands for unified communications. The UCedge gives your business the edge when it comes to unified communications. It enhances capability and productivity for just about any sized business. Employees stay connected through a user-friendly interface, and management appreciates the unification of multiple devices under one network. It is easier to add new modules or components to the existing system as your Read More

The ePhone 7 – A Revolution for ESI Telephone Systems in Houston

ESI Estech Phone Systems Houston ePhone7

Upgrade Your Office Communication If you’re looking for a unique and reasonably priced phone system, you might already know that the ESI telephone systems in Houston are a great option. For years ESI has provided some of the best in class and quality services to many local businesses in the oil, gas, energy, medical, and transportation industries. Conventional technology is what they’ve been known for. Until now. Watch out Houston, because here comes the ePhone 7. Smartphone Experience With the ePhone7, expanding your office Read More

Paging Systems in Houston that are Available for You

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 Better Your Communication Some businesses are prime candidates to improve their internal communications through paging systems in Houston. In fact, there are many different kinds of paging systems that are all designed to help relay information to both customers and employees in a variety of ways. Poor cell reception, extensive building layouts, and increased security protocol are just a few of the many reasons why industries are embracing this technology to either replace or supplement their phone devices. Places that Rely on Read More

What is the Best Office Phone System Available

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The Best Office Phone System for You The best office phone system is the one that is right for your business. What your business needs, depends primarily on how you use it, or what additional features the business phone system can add to your operations. Smaller businesses may only wish to have the ability to have multiple lines and an answering service. Bigger businesses may want to take advantage of advanced features. These include assisted calling software or internet protocol telephony. When you’re looking Read More

Choosing a Small Business Phone System

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Better Your Business Communication A small business phone system may not be as large as a corporation system, but they share many similar qualities. No matter the size of the company, there’s always a need for quality communication at a reasonable and affordable price. Thanks to the innovations of VOIP (voice over internet protocol) communications, it is now possible for everyone to have the ability to afford the very best that technology has to offer. Different Business Needs Most people know Read More

Understanding What a Digital Office Phone System Is

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Improving Your Communication The digital office phone system has come a long way in a short amount of time.  From rotary phones to button pushing, we’ve moved past that and transformed into advanced technology. Amtel works to bring you and your business the best phone systems in the Houston area. We strive to help better your communication. In order to better your communication, you have to understand what a digital office phone system is. From Then to Now It was Read More

Using Data Cabling in the Houston Museum District

Data Cabling in the Houston Museum District

More than Just Phone Systems Using data cabling in the Houston museum district seems like an unusual task for a digital phone service provider like Amtel.  Upon reflection, however, it isn’t as unusual as it seems. Our data cabling has more functions than connecting to phone systems. We were able to connect the lighting at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for the Wiess Energy Hall 3.0 Exhibit. As a result, we were able to create lighting they needed for their exhibit. How was Read More

Why Choose Avaya Phone Systems in Houston

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Improve Your Business Communication Managing a business in a big city like Houston often means keeping up with a fast-paced environment. You may have hundreds of employees on the go, multiple locations, and a sales team constantly traveling across the continental US and beyond. If your communications system is having trouble keeping up, then chances are, your profits might be lagging behind, as well. What you need is an industry-leading communications system that can not only keep up, but inspire your team to move Read More