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Why a VoIP Phone System is Becoming Essential

Having a VoIP phone system is becoming essential to most businesses, although it hasn’t always been so. Over the years, there have been a variety of business phones that have become rather popular in various industries. Most companies today, however, like the idea of digital telecommunications systems over other ‘landline’ options. Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP for short, is the perfect choice for companies looking for communication solutions that are affordable, functional, and able to scale and grow with a successful business. They also eliminates the need for separate fax machines in the office.

business voip phone system Allworx Reach ios tabletWhy Voice Over Internet Protocol?

A VoIP phone system allows your company to take advantage of digital transmission of information, including both voice and data. This is the same technology used by Skype, Facetime, Google Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other smartphone platforms.

Unlike these mass VoIP options, however, the business phone systems we carry are built with your company’s security in mind. Additionally, an IP phone system can easily eliminate the need for wall jacks and haphazard wiring. Everything can be routed and configured to work in unison with the web. Basic office functions become more efficient and professional, while reducing eventual ewaste in the environment.


Faxes and e-mails can be converted to text messages, and text messages can be sent via voicemail. Nearly any function used on a daily basis can easily be combined with business phone systems. This saves the busy executive time, and keeps him or her involved with the clients and coworkers at all times.

Best of all, for companies in multiple locations, a VoIP phone system can finally allow you to easily and inexpensively route calls across multiple locations, as if you were actually in the same building. Additionally, with mobile smartphone applications, it is easier than ever to connect with your traveling or telecommuting employees. Their company, or personal, smartphone is easily converted to a business phone, allowing you to route incoming calls directly to their handheld device.

A few of the basic features include:

•    Cordless handset docking while retaining the same number or extension
•    Voicemail messaging
•    Conversion of messages to another devices, such as transmitting from voicemail to e-mail
•    Interoffice connecting ability
•    Call directories
•    Call paging

Customized Business Solutions

If you’re not sure which VoIP phone system is right for you, our customer service representatives and expert technicians can help you decide which features are most essential to your business. Whether one line is needed or one hundred lines, we know how to meet the needs of any company.


business voip phone system allworx reach androidThe key to making almost any project a success is communication. Whether your industry needs a platform to route incoming customer calls, to manage and direct internal calls and correspondence, or a combination of the two, we have a framework to meet your needs.

Once you try a VoIP phone system, it will be easy for you to see why they are gaining in popularity worldwide. You will see that in addition to being affordable, they are packed with telecommunications features that make running a business more efficient and resourceful.

If you’ve never tried VoIP before, why not let our customer service team blow you away with a free onsite demonstration and presentation. Much like your first smartphone, once you try it, you’ll probably be surprised you didn’t switch earlier.

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