Cable Installation Requirements

Prior to actual cable installation, there are questions to answer, the site to survey and cabling choices to make. The first decision is in regards to plenum or non-plenum wiring. The first is a safety precaution that is required by schools to have put into their systems. Plenum is created for these spaces between a drop and the ceiling, which are called “plenum spaces.” The air circulates here to facilitate the cooling and heating functions. If a conduit isn’t used, it is much safer to utilize this type of wiring, as it is flame retardant. Non-plenum cords are more affordable for projects that don’t require it.

Once this decision has been made, one may interview with different firms about their pricing and other concerns. Once the customer has made a decision with who to work with, they answer a few questions for the company. They ask about the choice between plenum or non-plenum, the construction of the building, hazards or concerns they should be aware of and the date the project must be done by. This ensures full disclosure between the client and company.

The process is completed by educated and adept experts. They have all necessary qualifications, and know all the proper methods of cable installation and networking practices.  Once the setup has been planned out, they fix up the wiring, apply all necessary safety equipment and test each wire. They are then terminated and fastened closed.  This results in high quality connections between all computers and phones in the franchise.