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Professional voice, data, and network cabling services are a must for any business these days. Whether you represent a corporate enterprise location, tech startup, small business, or anything in between, then you need fast, reliable data on demand. And when it comes to fast, reliable data, nothing delivers better than a structured cabling solution. Although WiFi is quick and convenient, structured cabling outperforms it in reliability, speed, longevity, and efficiency.

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is the cabling infrastructure that connects various systems or departments with a main data center hub of your business. For most businesses, it is what connects your computers, phones, faxes, and other communications devices, via cables, with the internet. It relies heavily upon cat5, ethernet wiring, and consists of hundred to thousands of individual pieces .

What Can a Professional Cabling Company Do For You?

A professional voice, data, and network cabling company will provide a full system blueprint, long before any cables are ever run. This process insures maximum efficiency and reduces cost. Plus, cables are batched together via a cable management system that keeps them away from the disruptive output of electric cabling. Furthermore, we consider distance limitations to ensure performance and reliability.

Cabling Safety Compliance

The most critical aspect of professional voice, data, and network cabling services that we provide, however, is safety. While running a simple cable from one place to another may not seem very dangerous, installation codes are set from a prevention point of view. Only a professional cabling company will know the ins and outs of the laws, codes, and ordinances governing your installation.

Failure to strictly follow cabling laws not only creates a potentially dangerous situation, but also risks steep fines and a complete re-cabling of the system.

Comprehensive Usability

Amtel IP Phone Systems prides itself on running complex structured cabling systems for businesses that are both comprehensive and useful. We consider your budget – how can we best achieve your requirements with your budget. Plus we consider your future – what is the current standard of data transfer? Will you be able to upgrade to a higher standard without replacing your system?

Best of all, we provide solutions that are useful, usable, and easily maintained by your company. Furthermore, by running your voice communications in tandem with your data, we significantly cut down the cost of both parts and labor, compared to how it used to be done.

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