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Telephone Systems Available For Small Business

There are a variety of telephone systems available to small businesses that can provide all the services they need at an affordable price. As communication solutions improve, companies have additional options and features available that can help them be organized, professional and efficient. It’s not just beating out the competition; it is being accessible to customers. A few of the services currently available to large and small businesses are: classic business phone service, analog phones with a coaxial cable, Voice Read More

IP Phones

IP phones resemble regular analog phones but lack the RJ11 connector and have the ability to plug into a router and use the internet to compress audio sounds and transmit them as digital data. They are also extremely versatile, as well as being easy to use. Having this technology does not mean being restricted to only using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) as it is capable of working just as well with traditional phone lines. One of the best aspects Read More

Increase Productivity With Business VoIP Systems

The primary function of business VoIP systems is to enable a company to utilize a single network to communicate among the employees.  The set up converts analog calls into data that can be sent via public or private IP addresses.  Depending on the type of system desired, the company may require different equipment.  For a hosted IP, a single broadband connection is required.  The premise-based system requires a landline phone, a Private Branch Executive, additives, and updates for laptops.  The Read More