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What Is PBX or Private Branch Exchange?

What is PBX? It stands for private branch exchange, and is a phone system that many companies are using today, regardless of size. It is one of the most cost efficient ways that a company can run multiple phone lines without having to have independent lines for each handset. When it comes to how outgoing calls and extension-to-extension calls, what is the job of PBX? Well, both calls are handled the same way at first. The caller picks up the Read More

Discover Why A Speakerphone Enhances Productivity

A high quality speakerphone enhances the productivity of a business, and there are numerous options to consider. It is important to have crystal clear communication, and a superior system is an effective tool for a company. Both full-duplex and half-duplex units are available on the market. Half-duplex units are good for communication between two parties, though only one person can speak at a time. Full-duplex units allow for full room conversation, as all the sounds in the area are picked Read More

Consider An Office Paging System For Your Messaging Solution

Messaging solutions like an office paging system can make a giant difference in the workplace, and they come in a few different forms in order to suit the specific needs of different businesses. One type provides each employee with a pager. There are a variety of pagers designed to simply notify someone when they are needed with vibration and lights, or more sophisticated versions with LED screens for detailed messages. This negates the problem of noise and offers more privacy Read More

Why A Computer Phone System Trumps IP Communications

Communications networks are one of the most important tools a business has to deal with on a day to day basis, and a computer phone system can make this task easier than ever before. An IP based setup isn’t ideal for all companies, but its ease of use and wide range of features means that even small shops and operations can stand to benefit from them. Internet communication devices come in one of two categories: They are either based around Read More

Use Avaya Phone Systems for Better Business Commmunications

An office utilizing Avaya phone systems is modern, advanced, and just plain smart. Each unit is a combination of superior design and exceptional features. Control of each unit is easy with the GUI, and push button features ensure even new office personal will work it with ease. Acclimation is simplistic thanks to the great technical support provided by the manufacturer. Definity units by Avaya are superior PBX solutions providing better sound quality and overall performance. There are a variety of Read More

Valcom Paging Has The Phone Products For Business

Whether it is an intercom system or a telephone network, Valcom paging has the product that is right for any business.  With nearly four decades of service and experience, they know what it takes to make a great communications product. The company will stand behind their products with dedicated support.  No matter how small the business is or how big it may become, this company will be there to make sure that the products that are needed are available and Read More

Communicate Without Phones With Paging Systems

Paging systems assist organizations with communication without the use of telephones. This may require the usage of beepers, walky-talkies, and intercoms to converse with other members of the group. There are two major types: automatic or manual. They can communicate with alerts, alphanumeric strings or numeric strings. The beeper alerts the user, who either calls a number to receive a message or reads the text on the screen. Determining the proper paging systems for one’s business can appear much more Read More

Phone Repair Service For Home Or Businesses

Need to hire a phone repair service within Houston, Texas, and not sure what a pro can offer? Can they fix smartphones? Is the fix only for business telecommunication devices? Is it expensive? How long will the project take once started? There are a lot of questions when it comes to a broken piece of equipment, and whether it is a personal device or one used for work, the need for a fix is immediate. It is easy to find Read More

An Avaya Phone System Can Increase Business Efficiency

An Avaya phone system is a quality communication network that can improve a client’s bottom line. Their services open up a wider flow of communication, and increase efficiency within the company. They are easier to use and are more customer friendly than many other options that are available. The features are highly customizable, and are tailored to fit each client’s individual needs when it comes to their type of business. The Business Communications Manager setup uses a Linux IP PBX Read More

Purchasing An ESI Phone

Since 1987, ESI Phone has dedicated itself to offering the most technologically advanced products available in the industry. Long before other communications companies harnessed the power of the internet for call transmitting, this company was already offering the technology as a service to its customers. DSP, or digital signal processing, opened the door to other advances, like internet protocol lines. This company was at the forefront the entire time, paving the way for many companies after them. Businesses that trust Read More