Why You Should Contact a Network Cabling Service

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Trust an Expert

A network cabling service expert is a pivotal team member for many businesses, large and small. All companies can benefit when hiring a pro for important installations. So, what exactly do you need an expert for, and how can your company find the best in the area?


Optical fiber, twisted pair and coaxial are all types of network cabling commonly used when connecting two or more computers together. Connecting individual devices together with a router or hub is par for the course in most offices. If the administrator gives permission, all of the computers can share access to scanners, printers and even other machines in the system.

Even though wireless connections are available, most companies find that local area networks, or LANs,  have better support with Ethernet technology. Coaxial wires are most commonly employed. They are also more capable of supporting both hubs and repeaters, depending on the size of the project. More and more companies, however, are going with fiber optics. Coaxial connections tend to degrade as distance increases, so the closer the device is to the hub, the better the bandwidth. With fiber optics, the distance before latency starts setting in is considerably longer but is also more expensive to set up as a result.

What Kind of Network Cabling Services Can We Provide?

Most connections consist of a modem, router or hub that links all the devices together. The connection usually uses an Ethernet wire, sometimes called, cat5 wiring, or an Ethernet over twisted pair. The cost is somewhat minimal, and a novice can learn how to quickly get two to four devices up and running without too much trouble as this is usually just a plug and go type of situation.

Nailing down a large company’s needs is significantly more complicated. There may be thousands of units to link together and an intranet that needs regular maintenance for security and proper bandwidth funneling. An administrator runs the software on the back end of the system with a graphical user interface or a text-based interface with a common prompt. The administrator can control the passwords, databases, and have access to devices.

The Installer

An installer links all the hardware in the office together. The installer places and designs the equipment, lines, and wires. The expert is the person that puts together the plan that will ensure maximum efficiency and performance. The installer then makes sure that the administrator can maintain the intranet without any headaches.

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Using Amtel for your network cabling services can bring a lot of positive results to your communication. Some larger corporations will need mainframes and servers that require regular upkeep. Hiring a reputable pro is the best way to ensure the LAN is always working smoothly. If you’re ready to use Amtel, contact us today! Call us now at 713-977-1000 or contact us online to start your new network cabling system. Finding the best network cabling service provider can take some time because putting together a huge network of voice and data is a very technical process. But once found, they’re worth their weight in gold.

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