Corporate Phone Systems Help Cut Costs

Many companies are looking to save 30-50% on telecommunications through the use of IP and VoIP based corporate phone systems. Some support T1 and traditional digital or analog lines. These high quality devices have numerous features that go a long way to ensuring smooth operations. Practical considerations regarding how the setup will be utilized should be taken into account before making the purchase.

It is important to find a device that supports features needed by the business. For example, companies conducting business using conference calls need technology that provides clear audio. Corporate phone systems make it possible to create conference bridges and connect people from many different locations to a single discussion. Modular devices like those manufactured by ClearOne make it possible to add microphones and speakers where they are needed. They can automatically adjust sound levels so the volume and clarity of participants’ voices remains constant.

If being used in a call center or by someone who must be able to speak while working on a computer, hands free devices are desirable. Furthermore, setups are available that automatically provide a great deal of information regarding the customers and record information during a call. This can be used for future reference, performance analysis and to generate reports. Regardless of their complexity, companies like Allworx and ESI design them to be intuitive and include built in help features which makes them extremely easy to use.

The setup should also include suitable phones to achieve the maximum benefit. Most of these IP telecommunications devices include programmable function keys, basic pre-programmed keys, a speaker and hands-free jack. When setup correctly, the technology increases a company’s communications capacity while reducing demand on employees and cutting costs.