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Your Houston Office Cabling

If your Houston office is currently under construction or renovation, then installing data cabling in Houston will be a top priority. Today, computers transmit an incomprehensible amount of information each day. When done correctly, this communication can go from the office, across the world, and back again, almost in the blinking of an eye.

Data cabling is the core of any communications network’s infrastructure. It provides the ability to communicate and easy access to any information not stored on local hard drives.

When communication systems fail to function properly, more often than not it is because of an installation problem. Generally speaking, it comes down to a poorly structured communications network. Shortcuts and quick sloppy work might produce useful short term results but often lead to future headaches, inevitable breakdowns, and even the inability to upgrade efficiently.

Data Cabling and Your Communication

Of course, computers are essential for communication. So you must make sure that they are in top condition, including their network and data system. If the wiring does not function correctly, bandwidth can bleed through it, and the result is poor packet sending and receiving. Usually, this results in slow speeds similar to dial-up, or sometimes even worse. This is why it would be extremely easy to try to save a little money by attempting an in-house installation, only to find out that it is not performing correctly. It could end up costing twice as much as it would if the professional installers were called in the first place.

Fiber and Copper Cabling

The two most common kinds of data cabling in Houston are fiber optic and copper. The two have their pros and cons, but the biggest factor between them is that the wave of the future will require fiber optics. Any office that is upgrading for existing phones and computers may want to think about what their needs may be on down the road.

Opting for copper now may only be prolonging the eventual need to buy the fiber optics option. The main reason is that with more and more information flowing through the wiring, the only one that can accurately transmit it is the fiber optic cable.

Fiber optics don’t go well with an extremely dusty and dirty area such as an office located inside a factory. The installation team can make suggestions as to how to handle this situation and offer the best option.

What Cabling Does for You

Not only does our data cabling in Houston better your communication, but provides a full system blueprint. It is essential to have a plan of the wire alignment for safety reasons. Also, if you need wires hidden, we can make that happen. You and your employees’ safety is our top priority. A good Houston cabling company should know the in’s and out’s of the laws, codes, and ordinances about your installation.


It would be horrible if you didn’t understand how to use your cabling. Get a cabling system you can use and that you and your business can understand. Also, make sure you and your business have a team in place to help maintain it.

You Need a Data Cabling Expert

When you’re installing, repairing or upgrading a communications infrastructure, the last thing you want is a data cabling company that is unfamiliar with codes and best practices. Worst of all, if you have multiple locations, floors, or offices, then you need more than skill, you need experience.

The reason is that there are so many different elements to consider when determining your network wiring needs.

  • Have you defined your priorities and budget?
  • What are the current bandwidth requirements?
  • What are the estimated bandwidth requirements in five years time?
  • How compatible will the system be for future updates, expansions, and alterations?

Contact Amtel for All You Data Cabling in Houston Needs

If you’re looking to add or improve the data cabling in your Houston office, then you need help from Amtel. We have been improving business communication for over 20 years. From office phone systems to using data systems at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, we work to better your needs. Let us help you determine the most efficient communications solution for your business. Call us now at 713-977-1000 or contact us online and schedule a free onsite demo. Let us better your cabling and communication today!

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