The Features Included With Digital Phone Systems

What are some of the interesting features available with high quality digital phone systems?

One is being able to connect incoming callers quickly to the appropriate person or department. Most modern units come with numerous methods of ensuring less stress to the caller and the employee. No need to place people on hold. Instead, add extensions with abbreviated calling. This feature is ideally suited for a business that needs ace customer support.

As employees go to lunch, it can be irritating for a caller to wait for voicemail. Incoming calls may also disrupt a meeting or other event. With send all calls, or SAC, a push of the button can instantly transfer all calls to voicemail.

Moving around from one location to another can waste valuable time, especially if a client has to call back or gets lost on hold. Call parking allows the worker to easily move from one room to the next while taking the client or customer along. Never worry about another complaint from a customer that keeps getting dropped.

For those who like to keep tight security controls on their data, internet calls can be encrypted to discourage identity theft. These handsets can also use some third party applications, which can add functionality to the device.

Of course, digital phone systems also have the standard automatic redial, call holding and transferring, mute, and conference or video calling. But with advanced units, there are higher quality calls and bonuses for the business to get the most out of. Customer service will improve overnight.