Discover Why A Speakerphone Enhances Productivity

A high quality speakerphone enhances the productivity of a business, and there are numerous options to consider. It is important to have crystal clear communication, and a superior system is an effective tool for a company.

Both full-duplex and half-duplex units are available on the market. Half-duplex units are good for communication between two parties, though only one person can speak at a time. Full-duplex units allow for full room conversation, as all the sounds in the area are picked up and transmitted. These units are best suited for large conference calls, and it is possible to add more receivers and transmitters for even better clarity.

There are also handsets and base units. Handsets are similar to traditional telephones, and they can be either corded or cordless. A push of the button alters the input and output to either the base unit or the handset. Base units do not have a handset, as there is a single loudspeaker and microphone available.

Handsets and half-duplex units are well-suited to individuals, as they provide hands-free communication and some other desirable features. It is easy to improve caller response when the user can insert data while speaking, and there is no more need for putting the caller on hold.

Base units and full-duplex systems are better for conference calls, and they also give hands-free capabilities. They also provide clear simultaneous conversations, and though the initial investment may be higher, the advantages are great for a business.

Plug-and-play technologies make setup a breeze, and IP connectivity ensures a speakerphone is modern and uses only the most advanced technology. Customizable buttons and bright displays also help with easy communication.

Avaya and Toshiba are two manufacturers of business communication devices. It is easy to find a high quality speakerphone meeting the needs of a company, whether for the conference room or for individuals.