The ePhone 7 – A Revolution for ESI Telephone Systems in Houston

ESI Estech Phone Systems Houston ePhone7

ESI Estech Phone Systems Houston ePhone7Upgrade Your Office Communication

If you’re looking for a unique and reasonably priced phone system, you might already know that the ESI telephone systems in Houston are a great option. For years ESI has provided some of the best in class and quality services to many local businesses in the oil, gas, energy, medical, and transportation industries. Conventional technology is what they’ve been known for. Until now.

Watch out Houston, because here comes the ePhone 7.

Smartphone Experience

With the ePhone7, expanding your office tech is finally as simple as using a smart phone device. ESI has taken the average office desk phone and made it intuitive like your own cell phone. Just like most mobile devices, the ESI telephone systems in Houston will have no buttons within its program. Everything is visibly displayed on a screen for your convenience. You are able to sync in personal contacts to your phone system. When syncing your contacts, you can sync them to your desk phone, mobile device, and web dashboard. And, you also have intelligent dialing as well.

Quick and Easy Access

The ESI ePhone 7 is meant to bring convenience to your office communication. You can quickly and easily get access to your phone contacts by name or number with the touch of your finger. Also, your call history and even a visible voice mail display on your home screen, making it quicker to access your information. Now you no longer have to worry about having blind voicemails. Another great feature is that there is a “speed dial” option. You can also create favorites and group lists for quicker access to contacts.

Around the Office

It’s nice to have everyone’s phone number memorized in the office, but sometimes people forget. Now with the help from the ESI ePhone 7, you can now check the office directory on your phone system. It’s a great way to unify all the workers in the building. Your phone system also allows you to see who is on the phone or also in the office as well. Being able to visibly see this information is not only convenient but helpful when trying to contact workers.

Bring Simplicity to Your Office

The ESI telephone systems in Houston help simplify your office communication. From one-touch access to simple features, your phone system can make work easy again. Of course, the ePhone 7 should increase productivity to your office. It’s simple and intuitive, which should take the stress off of you about your office communication.

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