Purchasing An ESI Phone

Since 1987, ESI Phone has dedicated itself to offering the most technologically advanced products available in the industry. Long before other communications companies harnessed the power of the internet for call transmitting, this company was already offering the technology as a service to its customers. DSP, or digital signal processing, opened the door to other advances, like internet protocol lines. This company was at the forefront the entire time, paving the way for many companies after them.

Businesses that trust ESI phone products have been extremely satisfied with the professional support and ease of use. Some of the biggest corporations in the world number among its clientele, which is rather impressive.

No matter what a business’s size might be, its needs are pretty standard when it comes to customer service. Most companies need to be able to greet callers with a list of choices and pertinent information like holiday schedules and hours of operation. Additional information may include directions from various points in the area. This company can develop a solution for any situation with its range of products and contingencies. Most businesses elect to provide their offices with voicemail, faxing capability, call recording, video recording and data uploading and downloading.

Most companies also find the need for a secure link to its intranet, as well as the ability to participate in conference calling. They may also find that they have a need for additional servers, desktop phones that integrate Bluetooth technology, and handsets that are mobile yet retain their original number.