Different Options Of ESI Telephone Systems

The ESI telephone company, residing in Plano, Texas, was founded in 1987. They design and develop systems and phones for businesses to use to create an easier communication line among employees. They use a technology called DSP, or direct signal processing, which transfers data into analog information.  This process lets them use the vocal chat, as well as other methods of conversing through the systems.  The only requirement for mobile access is the ability to use broadband with the device. DSP allows the employees to communicate even when they are on the road.  The product was produced to allow employees to easily converse, without needing to manage multiple networks.

There are many communications servers available in different combinations of either digital or standard.  The extra features are useable, without paying an extra fee to get them. This is a huge benefit, as it saves the company money. The ESI telephone is offered in either a desktop model or a cordless option.  The desktop has an adjustable base enabling the user to change the angle as needed.  The membrane is shielded, making the product spill resistant for those who rely on morning coffee.  There are three models offered, using the IP server 900. The other mobile phones are local IP and remote IP, granting access from anywhere.

Since their founding, the company has been known for its up to date technology and increasingly useful featured phones.  They are designed to give the company more flexibility, while keeping the lines of communication open. These systems work off of only one network, rather than multiple networks, making it even more appealing.