How Houston VOIP Phones Increase Your Bottom Line

Houston VOIP Phones

If you’re in business in Houston, VOIP phones can help you get away from dedicated PBX and multiline systems. VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” or the ability to carry voice over data lines by converting it from an analog signal to a digital one. Once the signal is digital, it can be transmitted over computer networks like any other data, which means it can be done at high-speed and relatively low cost — low cost meaning pennies on the dollar for most phone calls. Calls can be forwarded to cell phones, landlines, and even around the world with a few clicks of a mouse. In fact, the cost savings of VOIP phones can be between 30 to 50 percent versus traditional analog systems.


With VOIP phones, traditional separate analog devices such as fax machines and voicemail systems can be done away with. Chances are, your office is already wired for your computer network, which means no additional lines have to be run.


The digital conversion that’s possible with VOIP for traditional phone functions means that faxes can now be output on laser printers or scanned and delivered as text documents or even as text messages that can be sent to cellphones. Voicemails can automatically be transcribed and sent via email around the world or distributed in memos to many people. This results in a tremendous time and cost savings for most offices.


Different features can be added or subtracted from VOIP systems with ease, so your company never has to pay for what it won’t use. Systems can be customized to the size of the business, in terms of the number of users, lines needed, type of equipment on each desk, etc. Don’t think only huge companies in the Houston area can benefit from VOIP phones, they can provide value to companies of any size. Both end users and customers will realize advantages when using VOIP functionality.


Houston VOIP phones can come in either hardware or software forms. They can feature headsets that plug into a computer or dedicated handsets and desk phones that look more like traditional PBX equipment. The latter is actually considered more reliable because if you’re trying to use the same computer to handle phone calls that you’re actually doing work on, you can be at risk for overburdening your computer or subject to system crashes if you say, accidentally download a virus or malware in the course of doing your work.


Dedicated or “business” Houston VOIP phones are considered extremely reliable because they’re designed to perform only one function: telecommunications. Handsets like the ones sold by AmtelIP Phone Systems have intuitive graphical interfaces like many smartphones that can keep track of contacts and third-party applications.


Like any other Internet device, VOIP phones plug into your company’s existing network via Ethernet cables, and they can plug directly into your company’s routers and Ethernet switches if you so desire. All the necessary circuitry and software is self-contained in the phone, so no connection to a computer is necessary. While installation can be handled by persons skilled with computer hardware, it’s recommended that a professional VOIP installer be utilized for security and qualification reasons.


In the area of Houston, VOIP phones can be purchased from, installed by and serviced by AmtelIP Phone Systems. AmtelIP carries popular brands including Allworx, ClearOne and ESI. Internal calling, external calling, paging and voicemail are just some of the functions AmtelIP can provide. For a full list of functions and system possibilities, call us at 713-977-1000 or fill out our short form today to have a representative discuss all the options with you.