Why You Need an Industrial Paging and Intercom System

industrial paging and intercom system

Staying Competitive

Today’s modern industrial paging and intercom systems provide a wide range of advanced communication capabilities. If you’re running your office without one, then you risk handing your competitors a significant advantage.

Today’s mid-range industrial paging and intercom systems simplify and streamline a host of important business functions. Improved communications, increased security, controlled access, convenience, and increased productivity are among the many reasons why they are so widely used.

Five Key Reasons Your Office Would Benefit from an Industrial Paging and Intercom System

  1. Improve Communications

    Even in offices that benefit from email, texting, and other unified communications tools, the system requires mission critical equipment. In order to initiate a new communication some other important function needs to be sidelined to complete the communication. With an industrial paging and intercom system, however, you and your staff need not interrupt your standing workflow. Talking with another person in the building is just a click away. Intercom systems are dedicated inter-office devices. This means they do not impose any processing burden on your existing network. Furthermore, they will not distract from your production process. Simply touch a button, and speak to your desired contact in one easy step.

  2. Increase Security, Crime Prevention

    Industrial paging and intercom systems grant you the ability to issue mass alerts and emergency communications to your entire staff. At the push of a button (using an integrated, IP-based mass notification system) you choose how many employees receive your message at once. This includes wide-area, intra-building, and distributed recipient functionality. In the event of a crime, such as an assault or burglary, you can usher people away from the danger. Just as important, you can better coordinate with authorities when they arrive in the lobby.

  3. Control of Accessibility

    An industrial paging and intercom system provides controlled areas, accessible only to authorized personnel. Without the proper access credentials, non-authorized members are not allowed entry. If your current access control necessitates door entry or gate control, then your office paging system provides and limits access according to your specifications. Additionally, access controls reconfigure easily whenever your needs change. Access control functions at a given panel, where remote security and access options are assigned or verified.

  4. Convenience

    Using a single, a fully integrated and dedicated intercom system relieves you of the need for overly complicated solutions. Keys are easily lost or compromised by sophisticated criminals. Eliminate the unnecessary complications of ordinary lock and key systems. Also, with full intra-office communications at the touch of the button, you will find that productivity and job satisfaction will increase. When your staff can communicate hands-free with one simple push button action, things will run much more smoothly.

  5. Increase Productivity

    How many times a day to you think a communication takes place in your building only after someone already traveled from one side of your building to the other? On top of that, how often do you suppose that same trip is duplicated when someone forgets something? Most offices lose hours of work every day due to this kind of dis-connectivity. Intercom systems cut those lost hours dramatically.

Communication Simplified to the Touch of a Button

By employing a mixture of full IP, analog, and hybrid communication systems, employees coordinate more easily from various locations. Communication arrives at the touch of a button. There’s no office building which cannot be transformed into a fully interconnected communications powerhouse with the right industrial paging and intercom system. Whether you are running a single active work zone, or thousands, there is an industrial paging and intercom system that is ideal for you.

Contact the Industrial Paging and Intercom System Experts

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