IP Office Phone Systems Improve Producivity

ip office phone systems

IP Office Phone Systems

You may know it’s time to research IP office phone systems when your clientele becomes large enough that using a personal cell or office line is no longer capable of handling the volume of calls.  The advancements in technology have brought telecommunications to an all new level of convenience and affordability.

There are many options available to the business owner, depending on their specific needs.  A smaller company will not need a system with 30 line capabilities, nor will a large corporation be able to function without one.  Most all companies will opt for caller ID.  It is beneficial to have this service to view information regarding the incoming calls and be a step ahead of the caller.

When a company has several employees that are out of the office most of the day on service calls or with clients, they may want to opt for Call Reporting.  This service provides the company with tracking and logging all incoming and outgoing calls.  It also works as an effective means of monitoring.  It will keep track of each employee’s phone productivity.

VoIP Integration

Integrating the IP office phone systems with a PC is an easy option that many companies are now utilizing. The VoIP framework (voice over internet protocol) utilizes the digital transfer of information through the internet, making it far more affordable and efficient than a traditional landline telecommunications system. There are a couple of options with this type of service as it largely depends on the amount of use the company has with contacting clients, co-workers, or patients.  This service can get as technologically advanced as one will need.  Sending voice messaging, faxing, e-mailing, and face-to-face conferencing are just a few of the things that can be done when the telecommunications are integrated with the PC.

Seeing is Believing

If you think IP office phone systems are right for your business, contact our team for an expert evaluation and free onsite demonstration. We feature top brands such as Allworx, Nortel, Avaya, Toshiba and ESI.

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