Land Lines: The Death of a Tradition

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The digital revolution has already had an undeniable impact, and it’s still in its infancy. The way we shop, watch shows, order pizza and advertise have been forever changed by the digital age. Now, the web is even improving the way we make phone calls by rendering land lines obsolete. Before the invention of smartphones, people were far less concerned with mobile service. Since Apple introduced the iPhone, more people would rather lose their wallets than their phones. Traditional business phones have given way to internet phones.

The Fall of Traditional Land Lines

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when cell phones were these unsightly devices that looked like over-sized walkie talkies. Phones were outrageously expensive and so was the coverage. Most services offered a price per minute plan that made an hour phone call cost more than dinner for four at a fine restaurant. These phones were ideal for wealthy professionals, but they certainly posed no threat to land lines. As the year’s went on, the phones became smaller, creating a virtual arms race to become tiny. Flip phones were all the rage, and the Motorola Razor was almost as thin as its namesake. However, this all changed in 2009 when the first iPhone was introduced. Apple’s Webkit software gave the phone internet access that rivaled computers.

Suddenly, phones were no longer luxuries, they were necessities. Before long, Google entered the smartphone race with its line of Android products. These phones were accompanied by a line of tablets that have surpassed the iPad in popularity, some of which are capable of making phone calls. There are even version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that include a SIM card. This means the tablet can always make phone calls so long as its equipped with the proper apps. The introduction of so many new products was accompanied by plummeting service charges. These were mostly spurred on by a serious of popular Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s) who also helped to bring down traditional land lines.

The Rise of MVNO’s

In major cities like Houston, there are a number of MVNO’s that are owned by larger companies. For instance, Metro PCS is now owned by T-Mobile, offering access to the same network for substantially less. However, MVNO’s were independent companies when they first began, paying large fees to use the network developed by the major carriers. There were harsh restrictions placed upon usage, and many MVNO’s offered no roaming. Patrons were without service if they left their home towns, but this began to change when the larger carriers started buying the MVNO’s. There are still advantages to using a major carrier such as better family plans. The larger carriers also offer steep discounts on new phones where as MVNO’s charge full price. Yet in still, the MVNO’s make mobile phone service available to everyone. Most major carriers run credit checks and require contracts. For those with a blemished past, the MVNO may be the only option. These services usually offer unlimited talk time and web access for a fixed fee, impeding ever further into the land line’s territory. However, it will be the web that finishes traditional land lines.

Internet Phones in Houston

It’s almost sad watching Wal-Mart struggle to renew itself to keep up with the more modern Amazon. Traditional land line service providers are faced with the same dilemma, because their antiquated wires in the sky are no match for Internet phone calling. Services Like Amtel provide internet phones in Houston for calling via the web at substantially less than the phone company. Smartphones and MVNO’s may have dealt the first injury to traditional land lines, but Internet calling will be the fatal blow.

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