Lucent Phone Systems Help Advance Communication

Lucent phone systems joined forces with Alcatel in 2006 after the communications industry became so competitive. These two strong forces of the industry, combined with the addition of superior researchers from Bell Labs, enabled this merger to create the telecommunication industries power house of communications and solutions for home businesses, small businesses and even large corporations.

The company focus is on fixed or landline solutions, cellular phones and service, networking hardware, and software and IP technologies.   Employing the most advanced and skilled technical and scientific team, the company continues to create the technology necessary to provide telecommunications service and solutions to governments, enterprises and internet service providers, and delivers the ability to achieve voice, data, and video services to each and every industry all over the world.

Touching almost every aspect of the market, this company has become the leader in almost every facet of the business. Industries like education, energy, hospitality, finance, and even retail reap the benefits of this multicultural company.  Hospitals are improving response time and are able to provide better patient care.  Schools are being afforded new avenues to conduct research by making resources easily available.  Not to mention, new safety features that superior communications are providing to campus security programs. By offering everything from internet to cell phones to data storage, doing business in this manner affords enormous time management while dealing with one company, well versed in all services that are offered.

Alcatel-Lucent communication’s landscape continues to evolve from the expertise of Lucent phone systems to continuing advancements that will change the next generation’s way of communicating. Through numerous innovations this company is making communicating more affordable and accessible.