Maintenance and Repair

Scheduled Maintenance & Repair of your Business Phone System

As businesses continue to grow, expand and change, so does the telecommunication needs. Unfortunately, the limits of your phone system may not be known until you need a certain type of feature. Moreover, you may realize that your existing system doesn’t offer that feature. That type of issue usually involves upgrading.

Sometimes, upgrading isn’t an option and you may simply need some maintenance. That maintenance could include reconfiguring phone settings like hold messaging and voicemail. Have you changed your internet provider and now your lines are down. Our phone system maintenance services can get you back up and running in the same day.

However, maintenance may not be your companies telecom issue. Your business phone system may need repairs. You may have buttons and lines that don’t work, incorrect communication between the device and the server or random hardware issues from the switches to the handsets.

If inbound and outbound telephone calls are mostly how your business provides service and services your clients, you may want to consider routine office phone system repair and maintenance. Schedule an appointment today.

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