Maximize Up-Time with Network and Data Cabling Contractors

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Data Center?

There’s no better time than now to find a qualified network and data cabling contractor to upgrade your data center. But the costs can quickly add up, so choosing the right cabling solution will make a big difference in the overall price of your data cabling installation process.

Advantages of Network and Data Cabling Contractors

Unfortunately, most data centers fail to avoid the trap of antiquated point-by-point cabling patterns. This will almost certainly result in an entangled mess of expensive mistakes. By having your cabling installed correctly the first time with a high quality structured cabling solution you will:

  • Minimize your operating expenses
  • Boost process uptime
  • Maximize your ROI
  • Optimize potential scalability

Planning Your Cabling Solution

It goes without saying that every successful project needs to start with some careful planning. Once you’ve done your due diligence on the drawing board, you may find that the overall cost of proper port replication and structured cabling for your network and data cabling are higher than you had expected.

The Short Term LC Patch Cord Solution

Using long LC-LC patch cords over 100 feet in length may take less time initially and cost less than installing panels, trunks, and harnesses, but it does not have all of the lasting benefits of a properly designed structured cabling system such as professional network and data cabling contractors can provide.

To an IT professional, the cost of hiring a professional cabling contractor will seem quite justifiable. Network and data cabling contractors can craft true, properly structured solutions that will effectively future-proof your data center. Justifying the requisite high costs to the less technically oriented gatekeepers within your purchasing department, however, can be the biggest challenge in the process.

Long Term Benefits of Structured Cabling Contractors

It may take some effort to present an argument to convince them of the long-term benefits of using network and data cabling contractors. If you can effectively communicate all of the following areas of benefit, however, anyone can see that this is an ideal option for your data center:

  • Meet legal code requirements
  • Adhere to industry standards
  • Suffer fewer outages
  • Encounter fewer performance problems
  • Boost efficiency in resources consumption
  • Quick, professional installation
  • Acquire correct components (Cat5 Standards)
  • Easy labeling system
  • Installation comes with a lifetime warranty or guarantee
  • Quality testing

Off-Setting Your Costs

To help offset the cost of your professional installation, you may consider selling off your decommissioned network components and equipment. Working with experienced and reputable network and data cabling contractors who may buy back your used network equipment, you can receive a check mailed directly to you. Otherwise, you may simply leave the money in the form of credit on your account and use it for future cabling or even for the installation of additional new network equipment. Leaving the money on account lowers your organization’s total PO cost for ordering new cable hardware. Now, any old equipment that was sitting in storage collecting dust will have saved you valuable capital and further helped you maximize your ROI.

Maximizing Your Data Center Up-Time

By the time your project is complete, you will have a structured cabling system solution that is ideal to support your data center and IT needs with fantastic ROI and an initial cost that will make you look like a cabling guru!

Contact the Network and Data Cabling Experts

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Whether you realize it or not, the communication and efficiency of your business depends on its ability to transfer data quickly and reliably through your network, to the internet, and beyond.

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