Nortel Pbx Are Contenders of The Telephone Industry

Nortel pbx is a name that is synonymous with the telephone industry. The company began over 100 years ago, and has evolved from a switchboard operator setting to a computer run system.  Today, the private branch exchange is capable of making all internal calls with just a press of a button. No external dialing to an outside line is needed.

There are many different systems within this brand, and these can range from a single business phone to a complex network. Examples of these systems include Meridian, Norstar, BCM and various communication servers. It is important for a company to find the right system to meet the needs of their clients and employees.

Systems like the pbx provide features such as call waiting, voicemail, speed dialing, call forwarding and transferring of calls. These intricate systems were originally created for large companies. Today, small businesses are able to utilize the services at a fraction of the cost. These units do not take up much space and can be ideal for a small business that does not have much floor space.

Examples of ideal products for small businesses include the Nortel Compact ICS system and the Norstar Modular ICS.  The Modular system, for example, can provide voice messaging and even voice recognition. These particular systems can provide room for a company to grow. This telephone company has provided a way for business owners to have the benefits of a large system while paying only a fraction of the cost. Companies that are interested in saving money with a stellar phone system should look no further than Nortel pbx.