10 Essential Features of Office Paging Systems

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Today’s office paging systems come with an array of features that make communication, access, and control of a large area far simpler than ever before. Using a blend of analog, hybrid, and full IP technology, employees in different locations can stay in communication at the push of a button. Whether you have one active zone, or tens of thousands of zones, there are office paging systems to meet your needs.

Office Paging Systems Features

  1. Talkback Control.

    The most basic feature included in almost every office paging system, talkback control allows communication of two or more locations at the push of a button. For an even greater level of control, Hands Free Talkback devices are easily added.

  2. Access Control.

    Whether your access control requires door entry control or gate control, office paging systems provide or limit access at the push of a button. Access control features can be local or remote, residential or business, with multiple levels of security clearance available.

  3. Ringers & Tone Generators.

    Ringers and tone generators include security alarms, break alarms, and break bells. These speaker systems can create loud signals to communicate effectively to a large number of employees at one time.

  4. Call-In Switches.

    Normal and emergency call-in switches provide call-in capability from local or remote locations.

  5. Digital Announcers & Music/Message-On-Hold.

    These features are perfect for anywhere that high-quality audio playback is needed. Includes background music, message-on-hold, and continuous-play audio sources for all your needs. Simple, plug-and-play capability with USB Message-On-Hold devices. Easily enhance larger systems with Multi-Messenger functionality.

  6. Strobes.

    ADA compliant strobe devices cover large or small areas for emergency warning and notification.

  7. Mass Notification and Emergency Communication.

    Issue mass alerts and emergency communications at the push of a button with integrated, IP-based mass notification systems. Includes, wide-area, in-building, and distributed recipient applications.

  8. Video Feed.

    Round out your office paging systems with live access video feed. Live video offers an extra level of communication and security. Available in WiFi or hard-wired applications.

  9. Volume Control Sensors.

    Volume control sensors add an even greater level of usability and functionality to your office paging systems. Noise Sensing Volume Controls monitor the area’s decibel level and automatically adjusts the volume of the paging speakers.

  10. Feedback Eliminator.

    The stacking feedback eliminator is the perfect solution for heavily used paging systems. Feedback eliminators prevent high-pitched acoustic feedback and eliminate annoying busy signals.

Comprehensive Office Paging Systems in Houston, TX

Amtel IP Phone Systems offers a wide variety of office paging systems in Houston, TX. Our inventory includes Viking, Bogen, Speco, Wheelock, and Valcom. Call 713-977-1000 today for a free onsite demonstration or consultation, or contact us online.

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