The Options When Choosing Office Phones

Office phones are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their functionality with recent advances, so picking the right provider and device has become an important decision for both small and large businesses. There are many options for devices, and there’s almost an equal number of companies that sell these quality handsets. Getting a grasp on what is needed for the company and how they can service those needs will prove invaluable to any business.

One will, of course, expect the standard features of these devices out of the box. Getting a system that has an intuitive user interface and easily programmed keys is a must. There must also be some room for customizability, so businesses can expand without the need for additional equipment. For large businesses in particular, it’s important to make sure all devices are headset ready with a built-in headset jack.

TLC Systems has been providing Houston with quality office phones for more than 25 years. The selection is typically for the smaller-end, as they build their products around ease of use and simplicity instead of the more complex solutions. Tele Technology is another provider of many devices who also designs around ease of use.

Amtel, one of the larger providers in the Houston area, has an extensive line of devices that accommodate small and large businesses alike. Products like the Allworx 9204G allow small business owners to quickly install and administrate their new system quickly and efficiently. Programmability and the built-in speakerphone functionality also come standard with most of Amtel’s product line, as well as easy to read user interfaces and a focus on scalability without the need for additional purchases in the future.