Overhead Paging System

Do You Need An Overhead Paging System For Your Office or Warehouse?

Do you need an overhead paging system? Would you like a paging system that can play music and randomly play commercials? Do you have a guest or retail area where intercom paging is needed? Are you in a call center and looking to create ambient white noise which is proven to increase sales and productivity? Maybe you’re a school or similar and need a scheduled bell system that syncs with your paging system. Whatever type of business you are in, we can provide an intercom and paging system for your facility.

amtel overhead paging system in houstonKeep in mind the main benefits of having a paging and intercom system in your office.

We can sale and install an office paging system throughout Houston Texas. As your office paging system dealer, we can also offer replacement parts like

  • horns
  • accessories
  • amps
  • power supplies
  • volume controls
  • and more…

The Best Overhead Paging System For Your Business

We offer the best in overhead paging systems from manufacturers including Valcom, Bogen, Wheelock, Speco, and Viking. They all come feature-packed, including zone paging systems, group calls as well as two way communication and system alerts.

Most businesses have a specific need for a paging system.  We’ve installed phone and paging systems in:

  • Warehouses (announcements and safety control)
  • Medical Buildings (light background music, announcements, patient locator, safety control)
  • Call Centers (ambient noise, light background music, announcements)
  • Educational Facilities (announcements, bell schedule, safety control)
  • Hospitality (light background music, safety control)
  • Churches (announcements, safety control)
  • Restaurants (light background music, safety control, customer locator)

Allow Amtel to install your overhead intercom paging system, and configure it to work with your business phone system.

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