Paging Horns & Speakers – Description and Brochures

Amtel IP System is proud to represent and install Valcom paging equipment. Virtually all of Valcom’s products are engineered, manufactured and supported in their state-of-the-art facility in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. We believe on keeping America’s working “to help” we support American manufacturing.
Top 5 – Why Valcom? Reliability “Have them Installed”. They Work for Years.

  1. Made In America 
  2. High Reliability – Clear Sound – “They just work.”
  3. Choice – over 50 styles and colors – Valcom Designs paging speakers to fit with your needs and décor.
  4. Special Environment including Explosion Proof, Vandal-Resistant, Harsh Environments and Theater Quality Sound
  5. Self Amplified – Saving the cost of an expensive amplifier.

Overhead Loudspeaker Paging is Essential to Every Business! You will improve productivity, personnel efficiency and increase safety and security! Overhead Loudspeaker Paging can also provide emergency notification through Valcom speakers, horns, visual signs and computer pop-ups! * Let us know your needs and we will help design a system that is not only have crisp and clean sound but also aesthetically pleasing.

Other features include.

  • True integration with telephone systems including IP PBX systems.
  • Find People When Not at Their Desk
  • Reduces Call Back Times
  • Increase Safety & Security
  • Notify Everyone for Quick Evacuation
  • Single or Multi-zone, All Call & Group Call paging
  • Talkback Paging – Allowing you to respond to the paging horn with out having to use a phone.
  • Override Access – Stops background music during page.
  • Door Entry/Security Management – with Door lock control.
  • Background Music

Valcom’s customer base includes most of the Fortune 500 companies, the majority of highly secure US Government facilities, local government emergency service organizations, over 35,000 schools and probably your organization. In Houston Amtel has been installing Valcom speakers for over 30 years.

Overhead Paging System SpeakersClick the description for a Brochure

Sound quality: A big concern for the New Urban Animal Hospital coming February 2017:
Dr. Hilary Granson contracted with Amtel IP Systems for her data infrastructure, IP telephone system and her paging sound system for her New Urban Animal Hospital. The Doctor was pleased and grateful to have only one company that could handle all of her office needs.

Control: When considering sound Dr. Granson wanted to have music playing for her patients and their owners, not only in the two dedicated waiting rooms (one for cat owners and one for dog owners) but also in surgery and exam rooms. The Doctor understands that soft music is calming for the pets and their owners. Selecting Valcom speakers with High Fidelity sound gets the job done. One other need was to be able to independently control the volume of the sound. The staff needed to have the ability to adjust the sound for each speaker depending on the room size while allowing music and pages to be heard but not overpowering the conversations. The Valcom speakers installed have a built in volume control in the center of each speaker giving the staff the ability to adjust the sound.

Integration: Along with the volume capability and integration into the new Allworx phone system the music will be muted and the page will go through not only the speakers but also the phones in the area being paged when a page is sent. With mutable page zones, flexible programming and ease of use, Valcom and Allworx can handle your paging needs.

Overhead Paging System Horns – Click the description for a Brochure

Paging Horns are used in warehouses, factories, and outside areas. In 2016 ACT Turbo contracted with Amtel to install a paging system for four buildings along with a data network including over 150+ Cat.6 data cables supporting a fiber backbone connecting their buildings together. Additional buildings will be built in 2017. The paging system along with an upgraded IP phone system had to ingratiate together for zone paging and emergency notification.

Special Need: When working with the owners and the IT staff at ACT, Valcom paging horns were selected. The size of the property with the fiber backbone posed a unique need and special equipment was needed. The great news is that Valcom and Amtel had the equipment and knowledge to make this happen.

Choice: When picking the proper paging horns several different models were needed. In the large 500 ft long component building extra paging horns were needed to keep the sound clear but not to be to loud that it would bother the employees if they were under a horn. In the outside area a larger more powerful horn was installed to cover the ground area with only one paging horn.
Saving Money: Valcom paging horns are self-amplified this capability saved ACT Turbo thousands of dollars over other paging equipment. Bogen and similar paging systems needed expensive paging amplifiers to power their paging horns. In this installation four amplifiers would have been needed.