All About The PBX Phone System

The next revolution in communication is PBX.  Private branch exchange featuring VoIP is beginning to pick up momentum with businesses everywhere.  The convenience, ease of use, and savings are hard to beat.  Through the use of the internet, this phone system is able to send and receive faxes, voice mails, make long distance calls, and much more.  Not only does this system replace the existing phones, but the fax machine as well.

This system is a breakthrough in telephone technology.  Gone are the days of being tied to a desk because of an expected call.  With this phone, the handset can be moved from one Ethernet connection to another and all the while, it keeps its assigned number.  With PBX, the phone can be just as portable as the people in the office are mobile.

Echo reduction is used to cut down on the amount of bandwidth that each unit needs.  This is a fail-safe to make sure that there is enough bandwidth for the system, as well as the computers that rely on it.

This system can even be set up so that when a customer calls, their record automatically is pulled up, along with their name in caller identification.

Many customers like the fact that there is no need for wires running behind desks and under carpets.   There is no need for wall mounts to be installed or used, because these phones do not require them.

This new technology is one of the best things to happen to offices since computers, and it is because of them that all of this is possible!