Office Phone Manufacturers

We Use Select Manufacturers For Your Business Phone System

Being aware of the available business phone manufacturers is part of our day to day activities. We continuously strive to make sure the telecommunication services we provide are always the most up to date and available options. Remaining current in the market usually always includes upgrades and improvements to the hardware and software of the business phone system. Unfortunately, there hundreds of phone systems and determining what will work for you business can be challenging.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and types. That experience has allowed us to gain critical insight of which phone manufacturers should be used based on the needs of the business. We can normally maintain and repair any previously installed phone system, regardless of the manufacturer. If we are contacted to provide a brand new business phone system or upgrade and existing one, we’ll likely use one of the phone system manufacturers below.

Allworx – This is our primary system. It has great durability, is feature packed and works well with most small businesses up to 60 users. Allworx Business Phone Systems

Nortel – We offer Nortel business phone systems in Houston and surrounding areas that include a pure IP strategy or voice over internet protocol option as a voice and data solution. Nortel Business Phone Systems

Avaya – Avaya business phone systems were created to use a single network and increase the effectiveness and effiency of communication via messaging, video and voice. Everyone in your organization should be able to communicate painlessly with internal staff and/or clients. Avaya Business Phone Systems

ESI – The ESI business phone systems we offer were developed to use SIP technology. Doing so allows you to leverage the cost working with almost any SIP devices you select. ESI Business Phone Systems

Toshiba – Business phone systems by Toshiba is a solution Amtel can offer and provide for your business. Unlike most internet phone systems, Toshiba can offer a pure IP system or a mix of IP and digital services. This allows for greater customization and use of existing equipment. Toshiba Business Phone Systems