Phone System Providers

Relaying information and ideas is one of the top priorities when trying to make a business run smoothly and efficiently, and this all relies on a dependable phone system. When searching for a communication solution it is important to look for a system that is simple to set up and use and that has features that are suited for small businesses.

Providers that have products that allow small businesses to function on a competitive level are Allworx, Avaya, ESI and Lucent. With one of these systems there will be no worry of whether calls are being routed to the correct extension. Small businesses have needs that are unique in comparison to larger businesses and require communication solutions that keep that in mind.

Allworx is capable of supporting VoIP and analog options; this range includes the sophisticated Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that makes use of a hosted PBX. A PBX (Public Branch Exchange) is the next step in communication and is a private network inside the company that is also linked to a public switchboard in order to connect inside the office and to reach far away branches with no long distance cost.   ESI also has digital and IP communication solutions. Avaya has a system that allows each distinct job to have a phone with capabilities that cater to their specific needs.   Avaya and Lucent work together as business partners to provide equipment that satisfies their clients.

The ability to quickly communicate can increase the productivity of a business. A small business wants equipment that is not difficult to use, services that are capable of evolving as the business changes, and the same technologies that larger businesses use at an affordable price. Allworx, Avaya, Lucent and ESI all have features on their phone systems that make communication easy.