6 Reasons to Choose the Allworx Reach Phone System

allworx reach phone system

The Allworx REACH Phone System

The Allworx REACH Phone System is an innovative telecommunications system that can help any business to improve because of its high-performing, fully-integrated, digital technology. The REACH mobility application provides many leading features that increase productivity and communications. We’ve compiled a list of the top six reasons why companies choose the REACH application for their Allworx phone system.

1. Outstanding Usability

When it comes to fully-integrated mobile and unified communications systems with easy user interface, the REACH is loaded with a variety of great features. Smartphones become business phones through this unique application, allowing calls to be transferred, parked or conferenced between phones whether on mobile or at a desktop handset. It is ideal for teams in multiple cities or countries, as well as traveling business teams, such as salespersons or mobile service teams.

2. Exceptional Call Management

The REACH’s stunning visual display includes an easy-to-use interface for both mobile and desktop applications. As one would expect from any Allworx system, the navigation is intelligently designed and intuitive, with easy-to-access time stamps for each call.

3. Impressive Collaboration

In addition to its essential mobile phone, tablet, and desktop integration, REACH allows all employees an outstanding level of collaborative features. Each team member can manage multiple calls, easily transfer to other individuals on the network, enable group call conferencing, call parking, and hold functionality with separate audio controls. Users simply login to the system to allow other team members to know that they are connected and available on the call network.

4. Intuitive Visual Directory

Taking a cue from Apple and Android Smartphone systems, REACH utilizes an impressive visual directory with large touch points that really make it a pleasure to use. You can easily see who is on a call, who they are talking to, and how long they’ve been talking, to best handle and directing incoming calls. Furthermore, the Allworx REACH phone system syncs all that information to the mobile phones, laptops or tablet units that have the REACH system in them. Workers never have to fumble around for information on important contacts. They can simply tap into the REACH system and pull everything they need in a flash.

5. Visual Voicemail on the Go

The Visual Voicemail feature of the REACH application allows employees to check their company voicemail from wherever they are through a digital display interface. Instead of dialing in, users can scroll through their missed message and calls with ease.

2014 allworx reach award6. Industry Trust & Recognition

Allworx has won awards for its products every year since 2006, including the 2015 awards for Best Channel Vendor and Best Internet Telephony Product of the Year, for its View and Interact Systems. The Allworx REACH won the Product of the Year Award in 2014 for overall Communications Solutions.

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