Data Cabling for Schools & Universities

Greater Access for a Greater Impact

Recent improvements in school data cabling have produced a very significant and positive impact on the power of educators to teach students of all ages. Educators are able to reach more students, create real-world simulation systems, and prepare students to succeed in the digital age.

From completely online courses, to digital lecture halls, blended learning models, digital learning classrooms, and even pre-K computer stations, the network infrastructures that make School Data Cabling Company Houston TXthese systems possible are more important than ever before.

Fast, Reliable Access to Intranet, Internet, and Digital Classroom Systems

Fast, reliable access to campus intranet systems, as well as the internet, plays a crucial role in the communication and documentation process of any modern school. Data, even when automatically synced with systems such as Google for Education, must be secure, backed up, and easily restored in case of human error or loss. Most of all, school data must be sent and received immediately with continual high speed connectivity. Any delay doesn’t simply mean a loss in productivity, as in the business world, delay means a loss of learning opportunity.

From early learning to doctoral programs, schools and universities have come to rely on dependable school data cabling infrastructures to help prepare students to succeed at all levels of education.

Setting Up Your IT Department for Success

We believe that campus IT departments should spend more time assisting their teaching staff and less time resolving technical errors and issues. Our extensive experience and knowledge of industry codes, standards, and best practices enables us to create some of the most efficient and reliable school data cabling systems available in Texas.

School Data Cabling for:

  1. Unified Communications & Mobility
  2. Campus Administration
  3. Campus Intranet System
  4. Secure/Controlled Internet Connectivity
  5. Secure Wireless Communications
  6. Digital Media & Video Production
  7. Computer Resource Labs
  8. Printing Labs & Stations
  9. Online Learning Stations
  10. Course Specific Applications (Architecture, Design, etc.)
  11. Academic Research Programs
  12. Digital Grades/Communication

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