Be More Efficient with UCedge Toshiba Phone System in Houston

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Make Your Office Life More Convenient

A Toshiba phone system in Houston that seriously enhances communication is the UCedge. UC stands for unified communications. The UCedge gives your business the edge when it comes to unified communications. It enhances capability and productivity for just about any sized business. Employees stay connected through a user-friendly interface, and management appreciates the unification of multiple devices under one network. It is easier to add new modules or components to the existing system as your business’ needs change, which improves functionality.


Today’s businesses need to stay connected to be competitive. Emails, voice mail, and conference calls all allow people to communicate, but without unification, each method becomes separately managed. With the UCedge, you can now connect to your office anytime and anywhere. This Toshiba phone system in Houston can really simply your work life. As a result, you can now be in or out of the office with one-number reach. That also means in or out of the country as well. The UCedge allows you to not only place long distance calls but also international calls. Now talking business got a whole lot easier. You can stay in touch with your work, especially if your work requires a lot of international travel.

Mobile Work

Sometimes work doesn’t always stay behind the desk. If your work involves a lot of mobility, then you know the struggle of office communication. Lucky for you, you can now use your personal or even business mobile device to help keep you connected with your office. If you do decide to use your own personal mobile device, you have the option of displaying the office caller ID. This allows you to protect your own mobile number privacy.

Instant Messaging

As mentioned before, you can use your own personal or business mobile device to communicate with your employees. But now you can also instant message one another. Using instant messaging allows you and your co-workers to keep working, especially if you’re always busy, but also have time to communicate. With the UCedge, you can also check the status of your co-workers before giving them a call. It allows you to see whether or not they’re busy, or on another call.

Visible Voicemail

Managing voice mail? Nailed it. We got that one covered, too! Checking your messages is even simpler and easier than ever before. Just one glance at your phone’s visible interface is all you really need to be sure your voice mail isn’t piling up. Now you can keep on working at your own speed without having to make time to sit and listen.

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Be More Efficient with UCedge Toshiba Phone System in Houston | Amtel IP systems, Houston TX