Understanding What a Digital Office Phone System Is

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Improving Your Communication

The digital office phone system has come a long way in a short amount of time.  From rotary phones to button pushing, we’ve moved past that and transformed into advanced technology. Amtel works to bring you and your business the best phone systems in the Houston area. We strive to help better your communication. In order to better your communication, you have to understand what a digital office phone system is.

From Then to Now

It was once necessary to have one company provide the hold music, while another provides the fax machine. Then you needed one company for the internet service and still needing another for your phone service.  Then there were smaller monitors for the caller ID units. Not to mention the endless amounts of the cords and wires that require and allow all of these things to function in an office. Back then, there was too much going on to help aid your office communication. It might have worked back then, but we’ve moved way past that.

Today, most digital office phone system have these features built into them. Luckily, it’s not as messy and chaotic as it sued to be. Say goodbye to the clutter in your office. You can give to charity or box up and store away the wires and wall jacks. Not to mention saying goodbye to those ID boxes and even fax machines. They are no longer necessary. Imagine the amount of space that can be freed up by not having all of these different types of equipment sitting on a desk.  Today, a computer can essentially replace all of these items. Of course, this makes it a little easier on you.

How a Digital Office Phone System Helps You

Besides the mess, our phone system help bring a little ease to your office. There is no need for an operator to be on call.  This type of phone system can take care of:

  • call routing
  • voice mail
  • faxes
  • email alerts
  • voice mails pending
  • hold music
  • digital menus

These are some extremely practical communication tools. With our phone system, the features help make your communication easier.

This is one way that a company can drastically cut some of their overhead costs. There are many other helpful options that you should take advantage of while accessing it through the internet.  The call quality is much clearer and faster. These type of systems are definitely the wave of the future for successful operations.

Contact Amtel for Your Phone System Today

It’s time to stop making your office live in the past. Technology is continuing to change and grow, which means so should your business. Amtel has been improving business communication for over 20 years. Let us help better yours. Call us now at 713-977-1000 and get the digital office phone system your business needs. Or, apply online for a free onsite demo. Better your communication today with Amtel.

Understanding What a Digital Office Phone System Is | Amtel IP Systems, Houston TX