What To Consider Before Buying Used Business Phone Systems

In order to save some money, many companies have been looking at the possibility of buying used business phone systems. What they may not be considering is why their current configuration is no longer working for them. The set-up may not have all the features that the company needs. It may not be able to handle the call volume any longer. It may also be running its course and lifespan of six to eight years. Once a system starts to cost more to repair because of its age, it is time to replace it.

Depending on what the company needs, there are several features that may be beneficial in purchasing a new set-up. A basic set-up offers hold and transfer buttons, display screens, voice mail, and programmable keys. Some newer features are an automated attendant, single key recording, name and number displayed with Caller I.D., automated paging, trunk-to-trunk calling, and more. These are all features that used business phone systems may not offer.

In choosing a new phone configuration there are some things to consider. A few of those items would be the expandability of the set-up, can it handle increased call volume, are there features like an automated attendant that can help make calls more efficient, and can the new configuration play a message or music while the customer is on hold or being transferred.

Talking with a company representative that provides this type of configuration is the best way to start. They can go over the current and anticipated needs of the business, and help with purchasing the right set-up.