Voice and Data Cabling vs Wireless Business Phone Systems

Voice and Data Cabling - IP Wireless Business Phone Systems

Structured Cabling and Wireless Business Phone Systems

Given the trend towards wireless business phone systems, we often get asked about the future of voice and data cabling. It is easy to see where this question comes from. All of our top IP business phone systems offer outstanding mobility features, such as unified communications on wireless platforms that also allow the transmission of data.

Allworx, Avaya, Toshiba, and ESI Estech all offer fantastic voice and data features for wireless business phone systems. Moreover, these allow businesses to scale and grow quickly, without the need for massive amounts of structured cabling.

So… Are structured cabling systems going to be obsolete? Is it worth investing in voice and data cabling? What is the relationship between structured cabling and IP business phone systems going to be?

The Truth About Voice and Data Cabling

As you might imagine, IP business phone systems do not suddenly eliminate the need for voice and data cabling. Even cloud hosting requires employees to be connected. And while this connection may be either mobile (WiFi) or wired (Ethernet), the main system requires at least a minimal amount of structured cabling.

Wired vs Wireless Connections

Whether or not your employees require a wired connection, however, depends largely upon your industry. While it is universally agreed these days that wireless phone systems surpass wired when it comes to convenience, wired systems still outrank them when it comes to reliability.

In addition to reliability, other areas that wired connections still dominate is security, privacy, and speed, which are still essential to most large enterprise corporations.

Is Voice and Data Cabling Still Best for Your Business?

As you can see, it is easy to compare the systems in theory. Determining which is best for your business, however, depends on numerous other factors. If you are wondering whether voice and data cabling or wireless business phone systems are best for your business, then contact us today.

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