Why A Computer Phone System Trumps IP Communications

Communications networks are one of the most important tools a business has to deal with on a day to day basis, and a computer phone system can make this task easier than ever before. An IP based setup isn’t ideal for all companies, but its ease of use and wide range of features means that even small shops and operations can stand to benefit from them.

Internet communication devices come in one of two categories: They are either based around hardware like handsets, or they are centered around software onboard an employee’s PC. Handsets that are configured to handle internet calling provide a combination of familiarity and function. A computer phone system is packaged with most standard features at the outset, but it can add on to its versatility installing third party applications that streamline some tasks, like jotting down notes. Networks built around software let an employee go hands free, as it only requires a sound input device, which is usually just a microphone attached to a headset.

The most attractive thing about an IP communication network is how easy it is for the average person to modify. PBXs, or public branch exchanges, are the standard now, and it’s tough to shuffle around their settings and maintenance them. In fact, most executive don’t bother with it at all, and pay money for someone to do it for them. Internet communications are completely different, because they are configured like any other LAN. This means that most people can pick up on its structure readily, and the ease of use means that a business owner can switch up the features the setup is using without too much trouble.